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washing powder and laundry detergent


What is the difference between Washing powder and laundry detergent? Presumably this is a problem that plagues many people. Let us talk about it for everyone.

5 differences between washing powder and laundry detergent

1. Detergency: Because of the alkaline additives, enzyme additives, phosphorus additives and friction aids of washing powder, the detergency of detergent is stronger than that of laundry detergent (especially dirty and greasy clothes) ). The laundry detergent is a weak acid detergent, which is weaker than the detergent, but it can satisfy most daily laundry decontamination needs.

2. Deposition: Washing powder is easy to re-deposit on the clothes because it contains a lot of solid additives. The laundry liquid has good solubility in water, less deposition and easy washing.

3. Convenience: The washing powder is easy to soil the home environment around the washing machine, and the laundry detergent is clean and clean.

4. High-grade: The positioning of the laundry liquid itself is a high-grade detergent. Generally, people choose laundry detergent to wash high-grade clothes.

5, the form of the two is different, so the formula structure is different: the washing powder is solid, you can add a lot of solid filler, these fillers can play the role of filling and washing, and the laundry liquid is generally Liquid raw material or soluble raw material, no abrasive.

Laundry detergent and detergent have the following advantages

1. Easy to rinse: When washing, it can form a proper amount of foam, and it is easier to rinse.

2. No water quality requirements: The effective auxiliaries system in the laundry liquid can help the surfactant to work better and is effective in both soft and hard water.

3. No residue: The laundry washed with the laundry liquid has no solid powder remaining.

4. Convenient: easy to measure and easy to use.

5. Good water solubility: it can also dissolve quickly in cold water.

6. Gentle does not hurt the hand: the washing solution of the laundry liquid is neutral and relatively mild to the skin.

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